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JOSEPH JIMENEZ ’77 has retired from teaching and purchased a bed-and-breakfast called the Magnolia Inn in Mount Dora, Florida. He still proudly wears his 鶹ýƵվ college ring. 


DAVID STAGG ’85 has retired after working 27 years as an EHS manager for private sector governmental agencies. 


MATTHEW HENDRIAN ’92 A.S., ’93, NICHOLAS CROUCH ’06 and JOSHUA RICE ’12 had a chance encounter at United Airlines in December 2023. 


PATRICIA (POCHELON) FAUBERT ’02, ’05 M.S., and her husband, Frédéric, welcomed a son named Raphaël in September 2021. Faubert now resides in her home country of Switzerland after finishing her Ph.D. in Portugal in 2011. She works for the European Association for the Study of the Liver and is a scientific program manager.

ZACH NELSON ’07 serves as the director of airport planning for the Southern Region at Ardurra, residing in Indialantic, Florida, with his wife, Krista, and their three children, Zoey, Arlo and Van.

POOJA DALAL ’08 M.S. started as a site coordinator and, within five years, has become a project manager at ICON plc, working with a top-notch pharmaceutical company running tumor clinical trials across the Americas Hub as a member of the global clinical trial team.

MIKE GERLACH JR. ’08, a Melbourne native and lifelong fisherman who has been traveling and working in the dredging industry for 15 years, is back on the Space Coast full time running his fishing charter business. Kraken Down Charters, which Gerlach started years ago as a passion project, has since grown into a multiboat outfit, fishing the inshore and offshore waters surrounding Sebastian, Melbourne and Vero Beach, Florida, seven days a week. 

POOJA (BANDEKAR) PATIL ’08 M.S. moved back to the United States for a job opportunity in Pennsylvania for National Resilience as a sterility assurance lead for a global team. She has two “mini Panthers” and would love to one day show them the university where it all started.


JENNIFER (HALL) KRYSZCZYNSKI ’10, ’13 M.S., and her husband, BRIAN KRYSZCZYNSKI ’11, ’14 MBA, welcomed their son, Blake, in September 2023. Their family, along with big sister Skyla, live in Melbourne, Florida. 

JEFF FRISHMAN ’11 would like to thank 鶹ýƵվ for giving him a diverse and great engineering educational experience to help build his foundation for a great career.

ERIK MACKAY ’11 welcomed his second daughter, Marie Regina, in August 2023. 

CHRISTINE (CHATER) ROZZI ’11 works in the gene editing field and started a job at Precision BioSciences, a company developing in vivo gene editing therapies to permanently correct genetic diseases. She resides in North Carolina with her husband, JASON ROZZI ’11, and their sweet daughter, Savannah.

BRUNO POGGI CEVALLOS ’14, ’15 M.S., accepted an offer for a tenure-track assistant professor position at the University of Pittsburgh. He highly cherishes the education he received from the mathematical sciences and the mechanical and aerospace engineering departments at 鶹ýƵվ. 

AISHWARYA SUBRAMANIAN ’15 was promoted to program manager with Zoox, where she works in the autonomous vehicle industry 

TYLER HECKMAN ’16, ’17 MBA, ’19 M.S., was promoted to junior partner at Flavin, Nooney & Person CPA Wealth Advisors, where she started her internship during her time at 鶹ýƵվ. Heckman’s husband, RYAN BAILEY ’15, ’17 M.S., ’18 MBA, was promoted to innovation director at Groundswell Startups in Melbourne, Florida. 

RAFAELA NITA ’16 Ph.D. accepted a new position as a contractor with Booz Allen Hamilton, which allows him to leverage his Ph.D. in chemistry from 鶹ýƵվ and MBA in entrepreneurship from the University of Massachusetts, applying his knowledge and skills to facilitate groundbreaking advancements in health and medicine.

KEITH CRISMAN ’17 M.S., ’20 Ph.D., performed research while living underwater for 24 hours with two excellent graduate students from the University of North Dakota. They are now planning a 48-hour mission for 2025.

NICHOLAS CUSHING ’17 was a recipient of a NASA Team award for his efforts on Artemis in 2023. He is an AFT skirt project engineer for the Space Launch System and Booster Obsolescence and Life Extension, working for Northop Grumman Corp.

ZAK KOLODZIEJCZAK ’17 started a new position at L3Harris Technologies Inc. as a posture security analyst on the FAA program. In May 2022, Kolodziejczak married his wife, Jordan, and they welcomed their daughter, Josephine, in April 2023.

SHANE CHARBONNET ’19 Ph.D. has self-published 14 books. Charbonnet has also furthered his research-driven studies by successfully attaining 11 certifications in UX Design.


TOM WINDERWEEDLE ’20 and his wife, Nicole Winderweedle, former 鶹ýƵվ staff member, welcomed a son named Cassian. 

KRISTEN BRODERICK ’21 started a new position as a glovebox operator at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center.

HAROLDO MONTERO ’21 MBA was promoted and wanted to thank 鶹ýƵվ for giving him the resources to succeed in his career. The MBA program allowed him to gain the knowledge needed and use it effectively at work.

CHELSEA STALCUP ’21 and ZACH SEYMOUR ’21 were married in December 2023 in Cocoa Beach, Florida. They both work at Blue Origin, where Seymour is an engineer and Stalcup is a project manager. The couple recently bought their first home. 

ASHLEY TISARANNI ’23 accepted a position at NASA’s Johnson Space Center, training to be a flight dynamics officer in mission control for Orion in upcoming Artemis missions.

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